If staying home is not the right option for your dog maybe in-home boarding/daycare will be a better option. Your dog will get to live in the sitters home and be a pert of their family so while you are on vacation your dog gets a vacation too. Or while you're at work your dog can go and play with other dog buddies so when you get home he's ready to relax.

Stay At Home Pet Care

Overnight Stays                     In Home Boarding/Daycare

When you need to travel away from home you can hire a professional pet sitter to come to your home multiple times per day to care for your family pets and your home.  A pet sitter will provide walking, feeding, medication, scooping, grooming, playing and cuddling.

Your home will be looked after too by mail and paper being brought inside, lights can be rotated, window treatments adjusted, garbage/recycling taken out and returned, indoor and outdoor plants can be watered all so your home looks occupied while your away.

Mid-Day Dog Walks


The Ann Arbor Area Pet Sitters!

‚ÄčDo you want someone to stay overnight with your furry family?  Hire a professional to be there to feed you pets dinner and spend the evening playing and having someone to cuddle up with all night and be there ready for breakfast.

Professional Pet Care Services

No reason to feel guilty heading off to work everyday when you hire a professional dog walker to come take Fido for a good walk or back yard time for a potty break and exercise.